How many concurrent remote connections can I have towards my Windows VPS?

You can configure the number of concurrent remote connections that are allowed for a connection

By default Windows only allows up to a maximum of two concurrent RDP sessions towards a VPS. If you want to connect with more than two users concurrently then you'll have to make sure the RD session host role is installed on your VPS.

To do so please follow these instructions:

  1. Open up 'Server manager'
  2. On the 'Manage menu' click 'Add roles and Features'
  3. Follow the steps presented and choose for ' Role-based or feature-based installation'
  4. Add the role 'Remote Desktop Session Host'.

Once the role has been installed your VPS will have to be restarted in order for the changes to have an effect. In addition, this method and instructions are also listed on the following page:

Please do note that you'll also have to purchase Remote Desktop (CAL) licenses for every user that's connecting to the VPS. You can inquire us to install and activate RDP licenses on your VPS by reaching out to us at

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