How to see swap / pagefile usage in Windows?

To get the actual amount of PageFile usage perform the following steps, please note that this is a snapshot of a particular moment in time. You can see your server statistics in the Tilaa dashboard for a history of your usage to get a more overall view.

  • Open up Performance Monitor (perfmon.exe)
  • Add Counters -> Paging File -> % Usage and/or % Usage Peak.

You can also use Powershell: 

Total Committed Memory [PageFile]: 
Get-WmiObject win32_operatingsystem | Select @{L='commit';E={($_.totalvirtualmemorysize - $_.freevirtualmemory)*1KB/1GB}} 

Top10 processes consuming your Page File: 
Get-Process | Sort PagedMemorySize -Desc | Select Name, PagedMemorySize, VirtualMemorySize -First 10 

(these processes are using the page file, however it's a snapshot of one moment in time. When multiple processes from one application appear or the same processes for several moments in time, this might be an indication of processes/applications using the Page File way to much)

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