How to connect your domain to a container

If you have your own domain name, you can connect it to a container.


  • You own a domain name and are able to manage it.
  • You have a container image ready that hosts a website on a port.
  • You have created a new CNAME record in your dns manager for your domain name that points to


Whenever you create or edit a container you can configure your domain name under the section “Should this container be accessible on the internet?“
  1. Enable the container to be accessible on the internet.
  2. Click on “+ add new domain“.
  3. Enter domain name record with the CNAME.
  4. Specify the port which your container is exposing.
    e.g. In your container image you’ve specified that it is exposing the website on port 5002. Then specify this port for HTTP traffic.
  5. (optional) add ip adreses which are allowed to connect to the domain. If nothing is specified the container will be exposed to the entire world.
  6. Click Add.
When you have saved all changes, the container will become available from your domain name.
Please note: It might take a while before DNS changes are processed.
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