How do I set up my Google Registry to work with Serverless Containers?

Setting up a Google registry:

As indicated in this knowledge base article, Google has 2 solutions for a Container Registry: Google Cloud Registry (to be deprecated from May 2024) and Google Artifact Registry.

Some extra steps are needed on the Google side to add your Google registry to our platform.
Below you will find the steps needed to set this up.

We can support both options, but there are a few points to take into account.

Follow red for Google Cloud Registry (GCR)
Follow blue for Google Artifact Registry (GAR)
Or both, to support them both.


    1. Go to Google IAM & Admin > Service Accounts
    2. Create Service Account
    3. Fill in the service account details
    4. Continue to step 2
    5. Give the service account the correct role
    6. Create service account
    7. Open the service account
    8. Go to Keys
    9. Click on Add Key
    10. Create new key
    11. Select JSON
    12. Download and save the key on a secure location

Your Google account is now set up for use.

More information about roles and permissions can be found here:


Add the Google registry in Tilaa's Serverless Containers platform:

To add the Google registry you need to know your source.
This depends on the location within Google where you create your Container Registry.
For more information see:

The source can also be easily found when you open your registry in Google.
The domain in the first bread crumb is the source.

For example:

GCR: image003.png
GAR: image002.png


  1. Go to
  2. Go to Serverless Containers
  3. Open a namespace
  4. Go to Registries
  5. Add Registry
  6. Fill in a name
  7. Fill in the source
    • GCR always ends with
    • GAR always ends with
  8. Use the username:
  9. Copy and paste the complete content of the JSON file into the password field.
  10. Click on add registry.

After executing the steps above, you can now deploy container images from the Google registry. 

A guide on how to deploy your container can be found here.

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