Installing Installatron on DirectAdmin

Installatron is a full-featured server program that enables users to quickly and easily install one of over 50 popular scripts. Installatron also allows you to automatically update web applications (including plugins and themes), which improves server security. 

Installatron can be configured to back up your website before upgrading web apps and to restore a backup if the upgrade fails. Tilaa does not include Installatron by default for DirectAdmin. You can, however, install it after you've set up a Linux server.  

Set up Installatron on DirectAdmin 

1. Connect via SSH to your server

2. Use the following command to get the Installatron installation script:


3. Use chmod to make the script executable: 

chmod +x 

4. Run the command to install Installatron: 

sudo ./ -f 

5. Remove the installation script after it has been installed: 


Please note: When downloading and utilizing installation scripts, it's usually excellent practice to clean up your server in the same way. 

Installatron is now available for all of your users under Installatron Applications Installer.


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