How to boot a VPS into rescue mode

If your operating system fails to boot or you are unable to connect to your server, you can restart it in rescue mode. You can try to fix the problem or make a backup of your data before reinstalling.  

When you boot your VPS into rescue mode, a CD called SystemRescueCD is used. It includes utilities for resetting passwords, resizing partitions, and virus scanning. 


Booting into rescue mode

To start your server in rescue mode, take these steps: 

  1. Navigate to your server after logging into your Tilaa account
  2. Click on the VPS which you want to boot into rescue mode.  
  3. Under task, click Start in rescue mode. 
  4. Click the OK button to begin the rescue mode.

  5. The server's state will be changed to 'rescue mode' once it is fully operational and reachable in Rescue Mode. 


You may connect to your VPS using either the Video Display or SSH. For more documentation, please visit the SystemRescueCD site.

Please note: that FreeBSD and OpenBSD are slightly different in that they use the install images by default. 

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