Supported operating systems for the metadata service


The metadata service can be used by a tool like cloud-init or cloud-config to bootstrap the server during first boot.

Some examples of things which can be managed:

  • Creation of user accounts
  • Provisioning of public SSH keys
  • Installation of additional packages
  • Run custom scripts and commands

Public keys for the main admin account (usually the root account) can be managed from the Tilaa dashboard at

User-data can be used by creating a metadata profile using the Tilaa dashboard at and then assigning the metadata profile to one or more servers.

Supported operating systems using cloud-init

The following operating systems have cloud-init installed by default:

  • CentOS 7 and up
  • Fedora 22 and up
  • Ubuntu Trusty and up
  • Debian Jessie and up

The cloud-init documentation which describes available features and how to configure this service can be found here:

Supported operating systems using cloud-config

Cloud-config is currently only used by CoreOS, a distribution specifically designed for running service containers.

Documentation about how to use cloud-config can be found here:


  • Other operating systems provided by Tilaa are either not supported by cloud-init or have a broken implementation.
  • Cloud-init and cloud-config only runs once during first boot. After that, no further metadata lookups are done, unless the cache is cleared or the VPS is re-installed.
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