Can I choose the CPU capacity of my server?

Yes, you can. Tilaa has designed it's hardware configuration so that enough computing power is always available. You can allocate a number of CPU cores to a virtual server via the server configurator. Besides that, it's also possible to choose a CPU cap. For example 2 cores of 2.4Ghz with a cap of 60% is displayed as 2 x 2.4 x 60% = 2,9 Ghz.

With this method you can select the precise amount of CPU you want to have, so you don't have to pay for CPU resources you don't require.

You can upgrade and downgrade the CPU resources as many times as you want via the Tilaa Dashboard. Just go to, select the server you want to change, click on the "change" button in the "server size" block and follow the steps in the configurator.

We will process adjustments on your next invoice.

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