How to remove a private network interface from your VPS

Private network interfaces are obsolete since the introduction of virtual networks on the Tilaa platform and will therefore be discontinued on short term.

To remove a private network interface from your server, do the following:

  • Select the server in the Server Overview:
  • Stop your server
  • Open the network properties and remove the Private network interface which has a private IP address
  • Start the server again

After removing the interface, some changes to the network configuration are mandatory, since DNS resolution will not work otherwise.

It's recommended to set your public IP interface to DHCP, so you will automatically receive the right network settings. In case you do not want to use DHCP, you can find the network settings for your server by clicking the information icon at the Network details of your VPS.

Information about setting your server to DHCP can be found here:

In case you make use of our backup service, please note that we've already configured this to use the public instead of the private network interface.

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