What exactly does our Managed Server Pack include?

First of, for an overview of our levels of support please see https://support.tilaa.com/entries/23605511-What-level-of-support-does-Tilaa-offer- as a reference to this article.

Within the managed server pack Tilaa makes sure the Operating system layer and the Basic software layer of the server is updated on a weekly basis. Besides that, it includes 30 minutes of sysadmin time a month for the Operating system layer and the Basic software layer. Within this sysadmin time, you can ask software questions. You can also ask Tilaa to install or troubleshoot software within these 2 layers.


Brief description of the tasks performed:
We connect to your server on a weekly basis using public key authentication after which we'll proceed with checking  and installing possible updates. These tasks are always performed during the opening hours of our support desk which is from 08.30 AM till 20:00 PM CET/CEST.

If we see a kernel upgrade is available we'll make sure it's installed after which you'll be informed to reboot the server for the kernel to be activated. Furthermore, we check for any possible issues/problems that might have an impact on your services and inform you accordingly. 




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