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An image of a VPS's present state is called a snapshot. This function allows you to return the VPS to the condition it was in at the time the snapshot was taken. Individual files cannot be restored using this. You can do this using managed backup services.


How to create a scheduled snapshot

When you log in to MyTilaa and visit your own VPS summary, you have a few choices.
Clicking Create schedule initiates the process of creating the first scheduled snapshot.


You will be given the choice to select a daily, weekly, or monthly interval. Click Start Schedule after selecting the desired option.


You will be able to observe when the following snapshot is taken after selecting the interval you require.


When are snapshots being created?

At midnight, snapshots are created.

Does the VPS have to stop when the snapshots are created?

The snapshot is created online, so the VPS does not need to be stopped; as a result, you can continue to use it, but you cannot reboot or stop it.


Where can I find the snapshots that have been created?

You can find your snapshots under your account in the section Snapshots


Do they overwrite the existing one?

It indeed does overwrite the existing one.


Is this feature free?

Tilaa offers this feature for free, the first snapshot of every VPS is free of charge.
There's a cost involved if you wish to make additional snapshots.
More information can be found on our website at the pricing list.

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