Everything you need to know about Tilaa's hardware

In this article we will take a closer look into the hardware Tilaa uses and how we can prevent downtime on our end.


Requirements on Tilaa hardware

There are a few key elements that we focus on, like CPU power, RAM, Disk speed and disk capacity. We have figured out what the best ratio is to combine all these elements. Therefore in our configurator when you increase the RAM in our configuration, the CPU increases as well.


Does Tilaa has spare hardware?

Tilaa does have spare hardware; redundancy is one of our key elements on our platform. We’ve taken the proper measures to ensure stability through our platform. On each location there are spare servers connected in the rack.

This is equal to the amount of physical servers that we have.
Because of this we can quickly respond in the event of a hardware emergency.


What CPU does Tilaa use?

The CPU that we use at Tilaa are Intel Xeon Gold with a speed of 2.70 GHz.

We have chosen for these processors because of the stability Intel provides.
Because each physical host has multiple CPUs, we can guarantee that the CPUs will continue to function.


What storage does Tilaa use?

Tilaa uses Enterprise SSD disks, we use these for the fastness and reliability they bring provide. The entire storage system is based on a RAID 10 configuration. This means if one disk goes down, the other disks will pick this up without any downtime or impact on your end.

In the event of an emergency, we keep hot spare parts on each physical host.

Local storage is preferred over central storage systems. We chose it because it is much faster than a central storage system. This setup also has much better reliability and read/write capabilities.


Does the physical host have a power backup?

All the physical hosts that Tilaa has, are equipped with a battery backup. The physical host is also configured to use a double power supply on the system.

This means that when the power would go down in the data center, the battery packs will take over. And all of this without a VPS going down.


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