What functionalities does the Tilaa dashboard offer?

Tilaa provides you with an easy-to-use dashboard to manage your account and VPSs. With this Dashboard, you can manage everything without the necessity of our helpdesk. When you are a full administrator, we provide the tools so you can do this as efficiently and easily as possible.

Our Dashboard

The dashboard tab gives a broad overview. From there you can go to your financial settings, users, servers, etc.

For example, you can find a small overview of your financial settings. Such as billing period, the term of payment, and account balance. You can also find a small overview of your internet traffic, account details, recent blog posts, and much more.

If you wish to change the settings you see on the dashboard or like to find more information, you can click on "Details" in every column.



On the "Server" tab you can find a list of all servers linked to your account. You can find an overview with:

  • The server name
  • It's state
  • The configuration
  • Configured packages like Backup or Managed Server Pack
  • If there is a cancellation on the server

Server details
When you click on a server, you will be taken to its overview. On the individual server overview, you can resize your server, manage your server, cancel the subscription, add a Big Disk, etc.




With the tasks, you can manage your server via our dashboard. You can create snapshots, restart your server or manage it with the video display. The video display will always be available, even without a network or when the server doesn't boot.



Subscription status

If you would like to cancel your subscription or transfer it to another account, you can do so on the details page of your server. Maybe you needed to facilitate an upgrade and the server is no longer needed. The cancellation period for a server is one month, so make sure you're not too late to cancel before the next billing period.




If you wish to add a secondary IP address to a server, you can do so with our dashboard. Go to the “Servers” tab, select the server where you want to add the extra IP address, and click on “Details” in the Network column.


You can also configure a private network between servers from the network Tab. You'll need to have at least two servers to create a private network.



Tilaa offers different packages for your servers. If you wish to have extended support or enable backups for the server, you can do so on the Software page from the server overview by clicking "Details" in the Software column.


There you can also reinstall the server or select a different image.


Managed Back-up

If you selected a Managed Back-up package, Tilaa manages it for you and runs a backup of your server every 4 hours. Your data will be safely stored in another location in one of our data centers for up to one month. We ensure fast restoration of the files if needed.

You can read more about our backup service here.




On the NFS page, you can see which servers are connected to the share and you can edit the size, connect more servers, disable access, etc.



Big Disk

On the “Big Disk” tab you can manage and order a Big Disk. In addition, you can add your Big Disk to a VPS or switch it to another.




We offer a free snapshot slot per server. Creating a snapshot will take some minutes to complete (depends on your server specifications). During this process, you cannot run any other tasks.

mceclip11.pngIt's possible to automate the snapshot process using our API. You can find instructions here.



The metadata service can be used by a tool like cloud-init or cloud-config to bootstrap the server. Cloud-init and cloud-config only run once during the first boot. After that, no further metadata lookups are done, unless the cache is cleared or the server is re-installed.

Some examples of things that can be set:

  • Creation of user accounts
  • Provisioning of public SSH keys
  • Installation of additional packages
  • Run custom scripts and commands
  • Public keys for the main admin account (usually the root account) can be managed from the Tilaa dashboard.

User data can be used by creating a metadata profile using the Tilaa dashboard and then assigning the metadata profile to one or more servers.

The following operating systems have cloud-init installed by default:

  • AlmaLinux
  • CentOS
  • Debain
  • Gentoo
  • Rocky Linux
  • Ubuntu
  • Arch Linux


On the account tab, you can view and edit the information you registered with.

Unfortunately, a new account has to be created to change the VAT or country. This can't be changed on the fly. Of course, all subscriptions can be transferred to the new account.

As a full administrator, you can also add or delete users who can log into the dashboard and manage different aspects of your account.

You can add your financial department as a Financial admin so they can download invoices, manage financial settings, receive invoices and other financial emails.




The financial tab gives you insight into your current account balance, billing settings, and invoices. If you click on "Add credit" you can manually add credit to your account. This credit will be used to pay your next invoice and will be available for 12 months.


Here you can also change your billing period. If you wish to set up a reacquiring payment instead of doing it manually, you can do so here. We need verification that you are the owner of the bank account, so we ask you to make one manual payment before you can select the account for reacquiring payments.


When doing manual payments, please make sure to put your customer ID number and invoice number in the description. You can find more about the supported payments here.



By clicking on "Support" you will be taken to our Knowledge Base. Here you can "Submit a request" from the top right to ask our helpdesk a question you couldn't find in our Knowledge Base.




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