Change DNS resolvers

We are phasing out our private resolvers as of 1 April. You should change the private resolvers in favour of the available public resolvers to maintain full DNS functionality.

You can find your public DNS resolvers on the network tab of your VPS dashboard.

Below you can find instructions on how to change your DNS configuration.



- Simply edit /etc/resolv.conf

Windows Server:

2008/2012: Start > Run > ncpa.cpl

2016: search > ncpa.cpl

- Right click on the network interface to open the context menu and choose properties.

- Double click the 'internet protocol version 4'. Here you can set your DNS and IP settings manually or simply choose to obtain your configuration through DHCP.

Alternatively you can set your DNS settings manually through the netsh command:

- netsh interface ipv4 show config

- netsh dnsclient add dnsserver "Internet" X.X.X.X 1

- netsh dnsclient add dnsserver "Internet" X.X.X.X 2

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