[FINISHED] Network maintenance 25/12/2012

Tonight we will deploy new firmware on our core router in Haarlem to fix a stability issue.

About 15 minutes of network downtime is to be expected for servers hosted in Haarlem while we update the firmware and reload the router. Servers in Amsterdam might experience some packet loss and a temporary increase in latency as traffic is being rerouted.

We will keep this post updated with maintenance progress. The maintenance will start at 0:00AM CET and will be finished around 1:00AM.

[0:05] Traffic is being rerouted through Amsterdam. We're now installing the firmware on the router.

[0:15] Software installed, we will now reboot the router

[0:25] Router is back online

[0:30] Traffic is being routed through Haarlem again.

[0:45] Everything looks stable. We'll continue to actively monitor for another 2 hours.

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