Supported operating systems for the metadata service

The metadata service can be used by a tool like cloud-init or cloud-config to bootstrap the server during the first boot.

Some examples of things that can be managed:

  • Creation of user accounts
  • Provisioning of public SSH keys
  • Installation of additional packages
  • Run custom scripts and commands

Public keys for the main admin account (usually the root account) can be managed from the Tilaa dashboard at My Tilaa.

User data can be used by creating a metadata profile in the Tilaa dashboard and then assigning the metadata profile to one or more servers.


Supported operating systems using cloud-init

The following operating systems have cloud-init installed by default:

  • CentOS 7 and up
  • Fedora 22 and up
  • Ubuntu Trusty and up
  • Debian Jessie and up

The cloud-init documentation which describes available features and how to configure this service can be found at cloud-init


Supported operating systems using cloud-config

Cloud-config is currently only used by CoreOS, a distribution specifically designed for running service containers.

Documentation about how to use cloud-config can be found on Red Hat.


Please note: 

  • Other operating systems provided by Tilaa are either not supported by cloud-init, or have a broken implementation.
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