How to log on to the DirectAdmin Panel?

The DirectAdmin panel, a popular cPanel alternative, is one of the most popular web management panels for Linux servers. It has simple, easy-to-use features that allow beginners to easily sign up and publish their website. 

After purchasing DirectAdmin, you will gain access to the control panel, from which you will be able to build and manage your website. 

The most important aspects of logging in via DirectAdmin are that you connect via a secure connection: https:// and that you connect to the correct port: 2222. When you sign up with us and your account is activated, you should receive an email with your login information. Please contact us if you did not receive this information.  

To access your DirectAdmin management panel, follow the steps below:  

  • In your browser, enter the address of your website. The format should be yourdomainname:2222 or http://serveripaddress:2222. 
  • You'll see the screen below if you haven't yet purchased security for your site. Continue to the DirectAdmin login screen by clicking the ‘Advanced’ button.blobid0.png
  • Fill in the username and password provided by our Support Team through the e-mail
  • Click ‘Sign in. When you enter the correct login and password, the DirectAdmin panel home screen will appear, and you will be able to access all the available functions. blobid2.png
    You can now make additional changes to the hosting settings. Installatron, for example, can be used to upload site files, create a database, or install CMS for a site. 
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