How to update packages in cPanel using EasyApache

To manage the installed packages on your server, cPanel provides a tool called EasyApache. 
There are two methods to go to EasyApache. Your WHM Panel is the most usual (and user-friendly) way. While the command line technique is less user-friendly, it is more efficient (SSH). We'll cover the first in this article. 


Using WHM to access EasyApache: 

  1. Use the root user to access your WHM Panel (https://server-ip:2087). 
  2. In the upper left of the navigation panel, type EasyApache in the search box (or go to the ‘Software’ category and pick ‘EasyApache’)
    Following this, a list of prebuilt profiles appears. These profiles are designed with specific packages in mind, resulting in a more personalized experience. 
    You can also install the software you require whenever you want without having to create a profile. To do so, go to ‘Currently Installed Packages’ and select ‘Customize’ to see a list of all available packages. 
    When you're ready to go ahead with your modifications, go to the Review area and go through the changes you'll be making. 
    This page will show you all the packages that will be changed. After double-checking the information, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Provision” 
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