How to see swap / pagefile usage in Windows?

Pagefile.sys is the Windows paging file, also known as the swap or virtual memory file. Virtual memory is disk space used by Windows when it runs out of physical memory, aka RAM. 


Do you want to see it? Follow the steps below to obtain the actual amount of Pagefile usage; keep in mind that this is a snapshot of a particular point in time. To get a more complete picture of your usage, look at your server statistics in your Tilaa dashboard. 


Performance Monitor 

Performance Monitor is an application that keeps track of your computer's performance. It keeps track of things like CPU or page file usage on a computer. To access your Performance Monitor, follow these steps.  

1. Type ‘perform’ into the Run window (Windows Key + R).


2. You must include the memory in the live graph's tracking. Press Ctrl + N on your keyboard or click the green plus icon. 


3. Select  Paging  from the list of counters in the left pane, then click Add. 


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