Download a raw image backup of your VPS using 'dd'.


You can use 'ssh' and 'dd' to copy a Tilaa VPS disk. This is an effective way to backup your VPS disk to a personal computer or another server. Below you'll find instructions on how to get started.

As an example, the .img file may be converted to a different file format for use in VirtualBox or VMware.


  • Make sure SSH is installed on your local machine (This comes by default on most Linux/Unix-like systems)

  • If you're on Windows you might want to consider downloading Cygwin. Cygwin is a vast collection of GNU and Open Source tools which provide functionality comparable to a Linux distribution on Windows.


  • 1. Start your Tilaa VPS in rescue mode.

  • 2. Once it's started enter the following command on the receiving host to start copying the disk over SSH: (Make sure to substitute 12.34.567.890 with your own IP address. Please note that this can take a while so please be patient!

ssh root@12.34.567.890 "dd if=/dev/vda"| dd of=/home/archive/tilaavps.img

41943040+0 records in
41943040+0 records out
21474836480 bytes (21 GB) copied, 1483 s, 14.5 MB/s
41943040+0 records in
41943040+0 records out
21474836480 bytes transferred in 1489.242218 secs (14419976 bytes/sec)
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