Download a raw image backup of your VPS using 'dd'.

You can use 'ssh' and 'dd' to copy a Tilaa VPS disk. This is an effective way to backup your VPS disk to a personal computer or another server.

Below you'll find instructions on how to get started. Please note that this article below is beyond the scope of our support desk.


As an example, the .img file may be converted to a different file format for use in VirtualBox or VMware.


  • Make sure SSH is installed on your local machine (This comes by default on most Linux/Unix-like systems)

  • If you're on Windows you might want to consider downloading Cygwin. Cygwin is a vast collection of GNU and Open Source tools that provide functionality comparable to a Linux distribution on Windows. 


  1. Start your Tilaa VPS in rescue mode.
  2. Once it's started enter the following command on the receiving host to start copying the disk over SSH: (Make sure to substitute with your own IP address. Please note that this can take a while so please be patient!
ssh root@ "dd if=/dev/vda"| dd of=/home/archive/tilaavps.img

41943040+0 records in
41943040+0 records out
21474836480 bytes (21 GB) copied, 1483 s, 14.5 MB/s
41943040+0 records in
41943040+0 records out
21474836480 bytes transferred in 1489.242218 secs (14419976 bytes/sec)
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