Can I transfer my VPS to a different account?

Yes, it is possible to transfer your VPS onto a new account. This option is found within the Dashboard and is called 'Transfer Subscription'

When logged into the Tilaa dashboard you'd go to the tab 'Servers' > 'Select your VPS' > Then under 'Subscription Status' you'll find the option 'Transfer Subscription'.

Please note that the subscription transfer is an administrative change only and will not cause any service downtime. The following prerequisites are enforced for a successful transfer:

  1. There should be no open invoices
  2. Customer details are provided and verified under the new account.
  3. There should be no virtual private networks attached to your VPS.
  4. There should be no Backup Services for any VPSs that need to be transferred.
  5. The request is done from the Admin account within the Dashboard.


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