Can I transfer my VPS to a different account?

Yes, you can move your virtual private server to a new/different account. This option is called 'Transfer Subscription' and it can be found on the VPS Overview page. 

The following conditions must be met for a successful transfer: 

  • There should be no open invoices
  • Customer details are provided and verified under the new account 
  • Your VPS should not have any virtual private networks connected to it 
  • Backup Services should not be available for any VPSs that need to be transferred 
  • The request is made from the Admin account within the Dashboard 


How to perform the transfer: 

  1. After logging into your Tilaa account, navigate to your server.
  2. Click on the VPS that you want to transfer to a different account, then select 'Transfer Subscription' from the 'Subscription Status' menu. 
  3. You can transfer the subscription of this VPS by providing the customer number and e-mail address of the target Tilaa customer account.


Please note: the subscription transfer is simply administrative and will not result in any service interruptions. 

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