What level of support does Tilaa offer?

Tilaa has different support levels. You can choose which support level you want to have.

In order to make clear what is supported by our support desk we've defined 5 layers on the Tilaa platform: 

  1. Platform (hardware) layer, enabling:
    1. availability of the internal network and connectivity from and to the internet;
    2. availability of physical hosts;
    3. availability of the infrastructure up to the bios layer of the virtual server.
  2. Operating system layer: the operating system.
  3. Basic software layer: basic software services such as databases, web and mail servers.
  4. Application layer: the other software the Customer runs on the server: web applications, programs, scripts, etc.
  5. Redundancy layer: software from the basic software layer (layer 3) which is at least duplicated on different virtual servers, designed to automatically eliminate downtime due to any failure or malfunction.

24/7 Hardware support (Default level):

By default Tilaa has 24/7 support on the Platform Layer. Tilaa ensures this by monitoring its platform 24 hours a day. If something goes wrong, the on-call engineer will troubleshoot and solve the issue.

24/7 software support (Paid service):

If you want to have some extra support you can choose to get the 24/7 software support package for the Operating system layer and the Basic software layer.

To be eligible for our 24/7 software support, your platform has to meet the following requirements:

- Your platform has a redundancy layer

- The design and implementation software layer of the server is either built or approved by Tilaa.


With our 24/7 software support, Tilaa is committed to swiftly resolving any service disruptions on redundant services around the clock, seven days a week.

Furthermore, Tilaa can troubleshoot other software problems within office hours on the Operating system layer, the Basic software layer and the redundancy layer.

For instance, if your web server cluster experiences a midnight malfunction, our on-call engineer will promptly attend to the problem, ensuring a maximum first response time of just one hour. Similarly, if one of the nodes within a web server cluster experiences an issue that does not impact the overall cluster availability, we'll address it during office hours.

As part of our service, we'll provide you with a 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) number, and we'll take care of the cluster monitoring.

Please note: Tilaa doesn't offer support on the Application layer of the server.

Are you interested in 24/7 software support? Our sales team can tell you all about it.

Platform layer 24/7 support by default
Operating system layer Optional, up to 24/7
Basic software layer Optional, up to 24/7
Application Layer No
Redundancy layer Optional, up to 24/7





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