How is the Tilaa network set up?

The physical server on which your virtual server operates is connected to two different access switches using two active uplinks. Tilaa is using Juniper EX series switches in the racks.


All switches are equipped with a redundant power supply system. Because of the redundant layout network connectivity is sustained even if a switch malfunctions. All Juniper EX switches at a point of delivery (POD) are connected to one another using the virtual chassis technology of Juniper with a 128 Gbps backplane.

Tilaa is using this high bandwidth network for internet, server-to-server, and storage traffic. Our High available NFS storage platform is connected to the Juniper Virtual chassis with two 10 GbE active uplinks per node. More information about our High available NFS storage platform can be located here.

Please take a look here for some background information about the Juniper virtual chassis technology.

For security purposes, Tilaa uses a separate management and provisioning network.
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