Do you offer Microsoft SQL Licenses?

Yes, Tilaa offers Microsoft SQL licenses. As a Microsoft SPLA partner, we can provide software licenses for any Microsoft product. SQL Servers are available in a variety of license options and versions, which we will discuss in detail. 

Core Based Licensing 

Rather than CAL-based licensing, we offer core-based licensing. With this license, an infinite number of users and devices can connect to a server. Because it is simple to manage, it is ideal for larger businesses (for example, SMBs and SMEs). 

Types of SQL Server Edition 

We have 3 different types of SQL servers, and each one requires at least 2 Core-Packs. Another important bit of info a license for 2 CPU cores is included in a Core-Pack. 

  • Microsoft SQL Server Web 
  • Microsoft SQL Server Standard 
  • Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise  

The exact prices can be found on our Pricing Page. 

Microsoft SQL is not installed by default with our Windows images and must be installed after the VPS has been deployed. You can request the ISO by contacting our support desk staff by e-mail or through the your dashboard. Cancelling your Microsoft SQL license will have to be done in writing at least one month in advance by contacting our support desk.




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