How to modify or set up reverse DNS names?

A reverse DNS lookup, also known as reverse DNS resolution (rDNS), is a DNS querying technique used to determine the domain name associated with a given IP address.  

PTR records are used to resolve an IP address in reverse. It is critical to configure reverse DNS for SMTP mail servers. This DNS entry has no effect on the vast majority of other apps. 

This article will show you how to configure reverse DNS on Tilaa. 

How to configure reverse DNS 

1. Log in to your dashboard. 

2. Go to the VPS tab and select your server. 

3. Select the Network tab and click the ‘Details’ button.blobid0.png


4. Select the IP address for which you'd like to use reverse DNS and then click the ‘Edit’ option. 


5. To change the reverse DNS name, enter it and then click 'Save.' When configuring reverse DNS, we recommend using the hostname of your VPS or the domain from which you send email, such as or 

In Tilaa's DNS, this changes the PTR record. It may take several hours for reverse DNS changes to take effect. 

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