HowTo - Create a snapshot

Snapshots are an efficient technique to back up your server completely. This is made very simple with Tilaa. However, several factors must be considered when carrying out this procedure. 

Navigate to your server after logging into your Tilaa account. Head over to My Tilaa and, after selecting the VPS to clone, click the ‘Create snapshot’ tab. 


It may take a bit of time to create a snapshot. During this process, you cannot run any other tasks. Please keep in mind that this is an estimate, and the time may vary depending on platform load. 

The VPS will be turned off while the snapshot is being made. We ensure that all applications have written their data to disk and that the file system is clean before making a copy of the disk. 

Online snapshot: 

You can force an online snapshot by checking the box below. The VPS will remain operational while a backup of the disk is made in the background with an online snapshot. Your data may be corrupted because a copy of open files is made in this case. 

The first snapshot of your server is free. The cost of extra snapshots can be found on our pricing page. 

It is not possible to save the snapshot to your local device from our storage. It is accessible from your dashboard, where you can use it as needed (for example, to deploy or recover a VPS). 


If you have multiple snapshots in your account, you can select which one to restore. 

blobid3.pngDepending on the size of the snapshot, it may take some time for the VPS to be usable again. 

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