How can I create a Snapshot?

Creating a snapshot will take some minutes to complete (dependent on server specifications). During this process, you cannot run any other tasks.

The VPS will be shut down while the snapshot is being created. We do this to ensure all applications have written their data to disk and the filesystem is marked clean, before creating a copy of the disk.

You can force an online snapshot by checking the checkbox below. With an online snapshot, the VPS will remain available, while a copy of the disk is being created in the background. Because in this case a copy is being made of open files this could lead to corruption of your data. This could lead to problems with restoring databases, for example.

The first snapshot of your server is free. The cost of supplementary snapshots can be found on the following webpage:

It's not possible to download the snapshot from our storage to your local device, it resides on the Tilaa dashboard from where you can use it in case required (for instance when you want to deploy/recover a VPS).

Automating snapshots using Tilaa API
It's possible to automate the snapshot process using our API. For instructions please see:




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