How can I boot a VPS into rescue mode

If your VPS won't boot, for instance, because of a broken bootloader or kernel, you can boot your VPS into rescue mode.

Rescue mode is also useful to copy files from an infected VPS, for resetting passwords and a variety of other things.

When you boot your VPS into rescue mode, it is started from a CD called SystemRescueCD. SystemRescueCD contains a lot of tools which can be used for resetting passwords, resizing partitions and scanning for viruses. 

Booting into rescue mode

In order to boot into rescue mode, just go to the server via the Tilaa dashboard and select "Start in rescue mode".  

Your VPS will start again, but this time, it will boot from the SystemRescueCD iso. You can view the boot progress from the Video Display.

When your VPS has finished booting, you see the following:


Your VPS is connected to the internet, so you can access the rescue mode via ssh. Login as root. The password can be found in the Dashboard.

Starting the GUI

You can start a graphical environment by running startx:



Mounting partitions and copying files

You can mount your Linux root partition, to copy files from it (using scp or rsync):



You can do the same for Windows, but you have to use a different command:


For more documentation, please visit the SystemRescueCD site at

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