How to change the storage capacity of my server

Yes, a VPS's storage can be increased and decreased at any time. Once you have activated your VPS, you can change the VPS storage capacity with just a few mouse clicks.

1. Head over to the VPS section and choose the server for which you want to make changes: 


2. Then, on the VPS Overview page, select the “Resize Server” option:


3. You can increase the size of your server as many times as you want without having to reinstall it. Your server's data will not be jeopardized. A reboot will be required to apply the changes. 

Decreasing the VPS storage size: due to technological restrictions, we must perform a fresh install when the disk capacity of your server is reduced. As a result, all data on the VPS will be lost, so make sure you have a backup somewhere else. 

The final step is to confirm the changes after you've decided on the new storage space for your VPS:

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