HowTo: use persistent storage

You want to use storage with your container, in this guide we will show you how you can mount and use a volume for your container.



  • Namespace

Persistent storage steps guide:

  1. Open your namespace
  2. Open the tab VolumesPersistent_storage1.png
  3. Click “Add Volume”
  4. Specify the name of the volume
  5. Specify the amount of storage you need
  6. Click “Add Volume”
    You now have a volume that you can mount to your container
  7. Open the tab Containers
  8. Click “Add Container”
  9. Specify the fields for your container.
    For testing you can use the following configuration
    1. Image: erwinmaastilaa/fileexplorer:v0.1
    2. Credentials: public
    3. Container name: volume-test
    4. Resources: 0.25CPU – 0.5GB RAM
    5. Environment Variables: none
    6. Expose port: 5000
    7. Make available: Yes
    Ingress with HTTP port 5000
  10. At step 8 enable persistent storage
  11. Select Mount Existing volume
  12. Select the volume created at step 6
  13. Specify the mount path
    e.g.: /my/volume/path
  14. Click “Mount”
  15. Click “Add Container”
  16. Wait until the container is running and available.

You have created a container with a volume mounted to your container. All data stored on the mount path will be stored on the volume and will stay there until deleted or the volume will be deleted. 

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