HowTo: Extend windows hard disk using rescue disk

In this manual, I will show you how you can use our new rescue disk for windows to increase the C disk when there are multiple disks.
Before you start this process make a snapshot of your VPS first!
More information about snapshots can be found here: HowTo - Create a snapshot

To get started, make sure your VPS has at least 2 GB of RAM, else the rescue disk is unable to boot.


Here is a scenario of multiple disks, and you just ordered additional storage for your VPS.



Step one is to boot the VPS in rescue mode.
You will see Hirens boot windows 10 PE editon.


Once it's booted it will look like this

More information about Hiren's boot can be found here

Lets open up the utilities and go to Hard disk tools.
Here you have multiple options that you can use, but for this manual you need Partition Tools
Here you have multiple tools that do the same, but we will be using DiskGenius


Once you have opened up the program, it will look like this


Now select the disk you want to extend, I will extend the C: drive.
Right mouse click, and select Extend Partition


Select the Free space that you have and click OK


You will see that the C: drive will be extended in size, and the F: disk will be 60 GB because, it's moved to the back
This is also explained in the warning you get after you press start.
Don't modify the Starting Sector!


You will get a warning, read it carefully and if you are ready press Yes


After it's finished, you should see this.


Now you can reboot the VPS and the C: drive is extended with more storage.

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