How does Tilaa install the RDP licensing

You do need multiple users to be able to connect to your Windows Server VPS.
To do this, we will need to add the RDP licensing.
A remote desktop protocol is a term used to refer to the method of accessing distant computers. Each Windows VPS has two free remote desktop access licenses installed.


How to request

You can request a license by emailing support with the following information template

Customer Number  
Agreement to the extra charge  

You can find the pricing of the RDP licensing on our pricing page:


The request has been sent

Once the request has been sent, we will install the licensing on the VPS.
To be able to install this licensing, Tilaa requires access to the VPS as an Administrator.
You can use the following guide to create a temporary user for Tilaa Support
HowTo - Create an admin user for Windows

We will activate the license within one hour of the opening hours of our support desk.
Our support desk is open on working days between 9 AM and 6 PM (Europe/Amsterdam timezone).
We will inform you once the license has been activated. Please don't use the server untill you've received our response.



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