HowTo - Create an admin user for Windows

It may be necessary that Tilaa gains access to your VPS, for example, to install Office or troubleshoot an issue you are facing. We're aware of how important privacy is, and we'd rather avoid having full control over the standard admin account. This is why we will always specifically ask your permission, will always define a timeframe for our work and we will never store your passwords. We have created this guide to create a new user for Tilaa that can be later removed without data loss.


1. Opening Computer Management

To get started you need to open our computer management software, in the search bar you see next to the Windows sign search for “Computer Management


2. Adding the user

Go to System tools -> Local Users and Groups -> Users


On the Right side, you see a list of users that have been created.
Here we click on the right mouse and select New User...


3. Setting the information

You will get a prompt with a New User input field.
Fill in these details, and make sure you have uncheckedUser must change password at next logon

After you have filled this in, click on Create, you will see that everything gets cleared.
Now you can click on Close and you will see the account that has been create for Tilaa.

4. Adding the rights

Click on the new created user and Right Click on it to select Properties

You will get a prompt with a screen called “<username> Properties”, here you click on Member Of .

Click on Add...
And fill in Administrators and press OK

Click on Apply and click on OK
You are all set, the only thing to do is send support an email with the login details

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