[SOLVED] Tilaa network outage

++++++++  22/10/2020 16:00 PM  CEST ++++++++

As a result of our investigations, we will, this afternoon, starting at 4:00 PM CEST, restore the interface that we have disabled as a precaution yesterday.

We are expecting that this will not impact any production environments


++++++++  21/10/2020 17:36 PM  CEST ++++++++

The network related issues are solved, however some customers may still experience connectivity issues to Tilaa network and systems, because of problems outside Tilaa network. 

We will come back this week with an extensive report.


++++++++  21/10/2020 17:19 PM  CEST ++++++++

Connectivity has been restored. However multiple Internet Providers are still experiencing problems with connectivity, possibly causing my.tilaa.com / Tilaa network (VPS's) not being reachable. 


++++++++  21/10/2020 16:31 PM  CEST ++++++++

Some customers experienced an outage of our Tilaa platform that lasted for 5 minutes. All systems are up again. Our engineers are working hard to find the root cause. Some customers, depending on internet provider, can still experience problems reaching my.tilaa.com. 

Due to my.tilaa.com not being available, it wasn't possible to connect to you VPS's as well. 

We’ll keep you updated and are sorry for any inconvenience.


++++++++  21/10/2020 15:33 PM  CEST ++++++++

Unfortunately my.tilaa.com is down due to networking problems in DC's Amsterdam and Haarlem, starting around 15:33h CEST.

Our engineers are working very hard to solve these problems. We'll keep you updated. 







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