How to provide details on possible network issues

At Tilaa we offer you fast, secure and reliable VPS hosting. We guarantee a 99,99 % core network uptime. But when an issue occurs we want to offer our customers the best support there is and we want to be transparent on how we solve it. Therefore we communicate network issues via and the Twitter account @tilaanoc.

In order to properly analyse a possible networking issue towards/with your VPS it would greatly help if you can provide us with the following details in a support ticket:

  • A description of the issues you've noticed and a time frame
  • The affected VPS' name and IP
  • Any other details you think are relevant, such as logs or screenshots
We will need some additional details as well such as a traceroute. A MTR is the most preferable option.
If you don't know MTR yet, MTR combines traceroute with ping. In other words, it will show you the route to your server, and will also frequently check on the networking devices (e.g. routers) in that path to spot possible (intermittent) network issues.
On Linux, the MTR tool will be in your distro's repositories (as either "mtr" or "mtr-tiny" in Debian and Ubuntu). On Windows, you may use the WinMTR tool. On MacOS, you can use Homebrew to install it, although this may be slightly harder. Running a MTR looks similar or identical to this example screenshot:
Note that packet loss often only is indicative of an issue if packet loss or increased latency is persistent. For example, if halfway through the MTR you suddenly experience packet loss on a hop, this has to be the case for all further hops as well. A single occurrence of packet loss may well be a router which deprioritizes ICMP.
Ensure your VPS responds to echo requests which are needed to properly analyse any issues (if all hops appear to respond but the last one doesn't, this may be indicative of the VPS not responding to these requests).
Please supply us with the following details in your support ticket:
  • A MTR which has ran for at least 100 rounds to your server's IP or a traceroute ("tracert" in Windows) to your server's IP, preferably done multiple times.
  • Also, if possible, supply a MTR or traceroute done on your Tilaa server to the location which is having the connection issues. In other words, the same test as in the previous step, but in reverse.

We can use these details to troubleshoot your perceived issues. If the issue isn't with our network, we can use the details to point you in the right direction as on where this could/should be resolved.


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