Does Tilaa have a data processing agreement?

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has been in effect in Europe since May 25, 2018. The GDPR specifies how businesses must handle personal information about their customers. 

Data processor agreements govern how this information is used. Companies such as Tilaa are required to provide data processor agreements and guarantee that all of the regulations contained within them are followed. 

Why is a DPA important for cloud compute? 

A data processing agreement specifies the technical criteria that the controller and processor must follow when processing data. Setting parameters for how data is stored, secured, processed, accessed, and used is a part of this. The agreement also specifies what a processor is and is not permitted to do with data. 

When do you need to sign a DPA? 

If you are a controller and intend to transmit your data to a third-party as a consequence of outsourcing, such as a cloud provider, you must first sign a DPA with that third-party. 

Who is a data controller? 

The person who sets the purpose and methodology of data processing is known as the data controller. 

Who is a data processor? 

The person who, on behalf of a controller, processes data according to the controller's instructions. 

Where can I find Tilaa's DPA? 

Tilaa’s data processing agreement applies and is relevant to all our services and is available on our website.  

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